Medial Epicanthoplasty To Help Work On Mongolian Folds

Mostly known as medial or lateral epicanthoplasty, medial epicanthoplasty [เปิดหัวตา, which is the term in Thai] is a form of eye surgery. It is used for lengthening the inner portions of the eyes to make them look bigger. It is also called the inner corner fold removal or the Mongolian fold correction. It is mainly determined to be a cosmetic procedure, as performed in some of the Asian countries.

One of the major Asian features will be the Mongolian fold, which is available around the corners of the eyes. This epicanthal fold will form a web right across the eye and will cover the medial canthus. So, this fold can easily impair the beauty of your eyelids and will make the eyes look smaller laterally and even tired looking.

For that westernized look:

This epicanthoplasty procedure is covered by both men and women, especially the ones looking for a westernized look. They just want to make their eyes to appear brighter, bigger and more alert physiologically.

  • It is mostly requested by multiple patients whose epicanthal folds are abnormally large that they can negatively impact the shape and appearance of the eyes.
  • This is one cosmetic procedure, which might leave behind some post-surgical scar lines because of the incisions.
  • But you can avoid those lines by using some of the more advanced techniques like the Z-plasty and more.

Look for the best team:

As epicanthoplasty is a cosmetic surgery, it is mandatory to check in with the best team for the right help with the surgical notions. Don’t forget to check if they have done such surgeries beforehand. As it has to do with areas surrounding your vision, you need to be more careful with the choice you make. Check in with experts and get the best and rewarding help all the time. 


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