Food and Religion

For most people, religion is a factor and daily existence is yet another however for me, it’s all so carefully connected. I’d say that it’s due to my religion that i’m a vegetarian. It had been very worthwhile to see that Hinduism didn’t contemplate it wrong to consume meat although it did specify what sort of meat could be consumed. However, as Jainism and Buddhism acquired recognition, it’s stated that Hinduism began promoting vegetarianism. I haven’t browse the scriptures myself so ratify this however i am glad my religion helped me a vegetarian. I had been quite shocked to understand that carnivorous creatures possess a smaller sized intestine than humans which forces the meat in which to stay our intestine longer resulting in some illnesses including cancer. I realized this isn’t the only real facet of food that Hinduism touches upon.

Based on Hinduism, you ought to eat to reside and the objective of existence would be to achieve salvation i.e. to find God. Meals are generally categorised into three types: Sattvic food that is stated to improve wholesomeness, durability, health insurance and taste Rajasic food that’s bitter, salty, sour, hot and burning and designed to give unhappiness and illnesses Tamasic food that should be foul-smelling, dry, lacking of juices and indigestible. It’s stated that offering food to God before eating allows us to avoid the side effects of the kind of food we eat. At this time, I’d like to say that there’s a practise, especially among Brahmins to wash the area, sprinkle water all over the plate to cleanse the meals as well as drink water after which provide the water towards the five vital breath (prana, apana, vyana, udana, samanaya) and lastly to Brahman sitting down within the heart. While washing the place ensures hygiene, getting water clears the throat and carrying this out whole ritual while chanting mantras for me, can help kerb any need to overindulge. I only say so because performing these rituals after being offered the meals can help you avoid hogging. Imagine you visiting a plateful of tasty food while your stomach is rumbling, we’d quite naturally have a tendency to stuff whenever possible into our wee tummy. However if you’re able to control that desire and finish the ritual, it certainly provides you with the mental capacity to control just how much you consume.

It is not only round the food itself there are some rules and limitations but additionally around how it’s prepared. I don’t know which from the Hindu scriptures have these prescribed however i was always introduced up practising a couple of things. Always prepare food once bathing, putting on washed and dried cloth, never leave hair lose while cooking (in most cases otherwise too) really are a couple of of these. All of them have to do with hygiene and cleanliness.

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