Chin Surgery: The Postoperative

Mentoplasty Surgery is performed to treat the shape of the chin, that is, the chin region. To increase or decrease it, it is nothing more than the part that involves the jaw, neck, and the lower third of the face. Generally, augmentation chinplasties are more common than reduction ones; after all, the reduction procedure is much more delicate. We cannot neglect that it is surgery with indications that go beyond aesthetics in some cases.

The good news is that recovery is quick, with no pain or mild pain that can be relieved with painkillers. Another factor to consider is that the patient may feel swelling in the region in the first few days after surgery. Remember that a dressing is used in place to keep the prosthesis immobilized to protect the region in the first days. Always be very careful not to get the dressing wet if it is not waterproof.

The postoperative period of mentoplasty requires only one day of rest unless the doctor recommends it for a longer time. In the first days, the patient is advised to follow a diet with soft, liquid, and pasty foods to not force the area subjected to the procedure too much. Be careful to brush your teeth, give preference to a soft brush, avoid intense sport, avoid shaving, and apply makeup in the 5 days after surgery.

Finally, we found that mentoplasty has specific indications when there is a very marked deficiency of the chin or alterations in the dental arch. Its main indication is when the patient wants to improve his profile because he has a little defined and small chin. And as soon as the patient undergoes surgery, he must follow the medical recommendations and remember if he feels pain, the oral analgesics prescribed by the professional can improve the situation. Learn about how long does after chin surgery take to heal (เสริม คาง แผล นอก กี่ วัน หาย which is the term in Thai) here.

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